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So you want to rent?

📌 As a renter, you'll get the chance to test and help build a really exciting, circular venture with positive impact at its forefront.  

shelff in a nutshell

Rent items easily

Find items you want to borrow from people close to you and with a similar style.  Our handbook outlines the process of using shelff to make it as easy and efficient for you.

Connect with a community

Connect with people who share your values, style and location, all in one platform.

No surprises here!

All listings are approved by the shelff team to make sure they have measurements and clear photos/videos.  Users are also verified prior to using shelff for extra security.

Renting checklist 🗒

The links below are everything you need to hand when borrowing with shelff:





💌 Please read through everything and don't hesitate to contact us at

How can I rent an item?

Rent an item!

To rent an item, please fill in the form below.  The gallery on the right-hand side outlines the steps to take. 

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