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shelff: Our story

We have many new faces around here, so we thought we'd do an introduction post about shelff and what we hope to do!

What is shelff?

shelff is a community-based, peer-to-peer rental platform for homewares and interiors. Sounds like a lot of buzzwords, but it's essentially a platform that promotes borrowing and lending of home items within a community, local or otherwise.

Who is behind shelff?

My name is Julia and I am the solo female founder behind shelff - hello!

Why was shelff started?

I have moved around a lot in London (around 6 times in less than 5 years) and in recent years, have been really getting into interiors. I have always been interested in doing things the sustainable way, and have started thinking about the impact of constantly moving and inevitable home improvements that tend to come with that.

Coupled with mine and my friends' experiences of waiting months before being able to afford a furniture for our short-term house shares, my interest in decorating spaces in a low impact way was piqued.

I did further research and spoke with people - there's a clear issue with furniture and homeware waste and a clear need for having home decor items temporarily.

What can we expect from shelff in 2021?

I am looking to launch shelff (the first version!) later this year - TBC. In the meantime, check out our fun-yet-educational Insta posts and join our FB group to get interiors inspo. Our newsletter, shelff digest, brings together the world of interiors and low-impact living into your inboxes monthly!


For more inspiration, subscribe to our monthly newsletter: the shelff digest.


Twitter: @shelff_co

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