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shelff loves: Spring Tablescapes

Hi everyone!

With Easter over, it only means one thing: the start of the bank holidays. How we long for those outdoor dinners with family and friends, being overly optimistic about the weather and never wearing enough layers always.

It was rosé in 2019 and orange wine in 2020. Will pet nat finally become mainstream in 2021?

Whichever it is, we cannot wait until we can all gather again, guzzle summertime drinks together, and just be.

Below is an edit of joyful tablescapes to inspire the reunion:

Mismatched loveliness

A beautifully created spread by buyer Bryony Sheridan of Liberty favourites including Vaiselle Boutique and Projektityyny.

Feeling fruity

That cake. Those vases. We don't expect anything less from Paula Sutton of Hill House Vintage - who of course serves us the ultimate #cottagecore inspiration.

Mediterranean seaside charm

The blue tablecloth matches the red-toned ceramics from Spain-based The Platera so well, reminding us of sunnier times in the Med.

Perfect texture overload

The wooden boards against those white ceramics against the yellow tiles. This gives us the 'golden hour' vibes any time of day!

Delicate cosiness

This bright and cosy set-up from food writer Kirthanaa Naidu reminds me of spring evenings and the cool English breeze that accompanies it!


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Cover image is from Pexels by Jill Burrow.

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