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The rental platform for furniture and homeware. 

We are building a community dedicated to reducing the 22 million pieces of home objects thrown away each year. 

shelff is a platform that allows you to rent, lend and share beautiful home objects with those around you.

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Our story

We're on a mission to help first-time buyers and renters decorate their spaces with less environmental impact.

While selling vintage and second-hand homewares, we found the excessive pressures to cater for and buy into the fast interiors trends to be unsustainable - for our pockets, for our communities and for the environment.

With nearly a third of UK adults throwing away furniture, homewares and home electronics in great condition, we wanted to create a solution to ensure we get access to items, with buying being an option rather than the default. 

Our Story

How does shelff work?

If you want to rent

Search for items from lenders and small businesses closest to you
Check the photos, measurements, and description easily
Request how long you'd like the item for
Once accepted, you can arrange delivery or pick-up with the lender

If you want to lend

Upload listings using our guide and add in a description and measurements
Add in searchable fields, such as your location and the price 
Accept and reject requests for your items

Receive payments from your listings easily
how it works

Join the community 

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Get in touch with us for questions, collaborations or partnership opportunities.

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